This Doctor-Recommended Nail Clipper With Surgical Steel Blades is the Last Clipper You Will Ever Need
Ryan Stewart

24th July 2024 in GADGETS & TECH

This surgical-grade nail clipper makes cutting your nails safe and easy – even for those with limited mobility!

I’ve never spoken about this with anyone (who would?), but as someone with diabetes, I’ve suffered years of frustration while clipping my nails.


My toenails have become yellowish, severely deformed, and unhealthy. The ingrown nails press into the skin beneath, like staples stitching into my flesh. Each time I trim my toenails, I experience excruciating pain – like a pinched nerve radiating agony from my toes up through my entire leg.

What’s worse, I’ve noticed that my nails have become thicker and harder over time, leading to other complications such as infections as I age. Naturally, trimming my nails has also become increasingly difficult.

For a long time, I used cheap, low-quality nail clippers that were either too dull or too fragile. They literally couldn’t cut through my thick toenails, no matter how hard I squeezed. I often ended up hurting myself, with minor cuts and bleeding. It was really uncomfortable!


Oh, and I absolutely hate it when nail scraps splash everywhere, whether I’m on my bed or sofa. Cleaning them up is a nightmare…


I’ve visited salons several times to get my nails taken care of, but I didn’t want to keep spending so much money on them.


I was irritated and frustrated. One day, I vented to my son about how difficult it was for me. Needless to say, he promised to find the best nail-cutting tool.


He called his college friend, who is a professor of Gerontology at a hospital in New York. He described my needs to the professor.

A Doctor Recommended Nail Clipper

The professor responded, “Nail cutting and hygiene are among the most common concerns of my senior patients! I’ve done quite a bit of research on this topic, and I think I have the perfect solution for you.”



“Fantastic, what is it?” my son asked eagerly.



“Well, there’s this brand-new product that was just released a few months ago. Ever since I started recommending it to my patients, they’ve been telling me it’s a godsend. Before, patients struggled with back pain, among other issues, but now clipping nails has become so much easier with this new tool. It’s actually quite an amazing product, called the Cumuul Nail Clipper!



“And it’s exclusively available through their website. To keep the price affordable, they’re not selling it in stores.”



My son is savvy with the internet. Once he got home, he immediately started researching the Cumuul Nail Clipper. He discovered that Cumuul is known for producing top-rated clippers for seniors.



Impressed by the overwhelmingly positive reviews, my son didn’t hesitate to order one for me right away.

Finally find a cure to trimming my own nails

As soon as I took it out of the box, I could feel its sturdiness and the high quality of the build – it felt perfect in my hands.


I was immediately impressed by how easy and efficient the clippers were to use! They cut through my thick toenails smoothly and with ease.


It required barely any pressure compared to standard nail clippers, which was manageable even with my arthritic hands. The wide, precise, and sharp blade was a tremendous help. After trimming my nails, I was able to take care of the ingrown nail as well, and surprisingly, it didn’t hurt at all!


I wish I had these clippers for the past 20 years; they would have saved me so much time and frustration in taking care of my feet and toenails!


Ever since then, cutting my nails has become an effortless, pain-free task. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

What is it?

The product is Cumuul Nail Clipper, a custom, surgical-grade nail clipper that brings professional-quality cutting right into your home, but at only a fraction of the cost.


Cumuul has been meticulously designed by a team of orthopedic surgeons who dedicated three years to its development. It works perfectly on hard, thick, deformed nails, guaranteeing a hassle-free, safe, and clean cut each time.


The surgical steel cutting blades require almost no force to clip nails, easily slicing through them like a hot knife through butter. This makes it perfect for elders or individuals with arthritis.


Featuring a curved blade that conforms to the shape of both finger and toenails, Cumuul minimizes the risk of injury and alleviates pain associated with nail problems. It also boasts an anti-splash design, allowing you to maintain grooming habits and proper hygiene comfortably at home.


This tool completely transforms the toenail cutting experience.


If you’re in search of the right nail clippers for thick, yellow fingernails and toenails, look no further. This ultimate nail clipper is exactly what you need.

How does it work?

Here’s the secrets to Cumuul Nail Clipper’s great deesign…



✅ Ultra Sharp Curved Cutting Edges

Ultra sharp double curved cutting edge perfectly conforms to the shape of your nails or toenails. It is able to cut the thick nails easily and smoothly which can prevent nail splitting, ingrown toenails.

✅ Anti-Splashing Design

With a built-in nails catch case, which can automatically collect nails. You don’t need to worry about nail scraps flying everywhere when you use it on your bed or sofa.

✅ Wide Jaw Opening


Unlike regular nail clipper with a narrow jaw opening, Cumuul has sharp edge with 0.4” wide opening that can easily cut thick toenails.



✅ Safety Lock Design


When you don’t use it, you can lock it to prevent from injury – simply slide the buckle down into the safe position. And convenient to take anywhere with you.

✅ Ergonomic Handle

Only needs a super-light touch to instantly cut even the toughest nails.

It has a large, custom-made handle that fits into the palm of your hand which gives you enough control to make sure the clipper doesn’t slip, of course, without pain.


Plus, it comes with a complimentary gift – an epoxy glass nail file for polishing and shaping.


No pain, no bleeding; cutting nails is quick and easy with Cumuul Nail Clipper!

Everyone in your family should own it!

Cumuul is precise and clean, and has been tested for the elderly to help taking care of their finger and toenails in seconds.


Made of medical-grade stainless steel, it is sturdy and never rusts so it can last for a long lifetime.


It makes everything better for the elderly, kids… and just about everyone!

Is it worth to you?

Absolutely, without a doubt!


You probably know this, but the market is filled with countless brands and varieties of toenail clippers. Some are respected names that have been in this industry for decades, while some provide low-quality items which only takes your money.


Don’t risk your health with subpar equipment. Get the nail care you need with the best quality clippers at an affordable price. You will notice the difference!

Here's what customers are saying about it:

“With diabetes I have to be very careful about clipping my toe nails. This is an excellent tool. I do have very thick toe nails and this presents problems. These clippers are excellent. No problems with delivery. They were sent out quickly. I highly recommend this product and this company to do business with.”

“I’m 68 yrs old and have arthritis in my thumbs. These clippers give me the strength needed to cut tough nails. They are sharp and the over-sized handles help me a lot. Great value. I just hope they stay as sharp as they are now.”

“Really nice nail clipper tool, I use it to cut my own toenails and my kid’s toenails. It works great, and our nails are as neat as a professional pedicure!!”

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Where can I get my Cumuul

Forget about those cheap, low-quality clippers. It’s time to make cutting nails a breeze!

The only way you can get the genuine, super high-quality Cumuul Nail Clipper is from their official website here.

There are some knock-offs and imitations that don’t work so well. So, be aware to order from their official website and make sure to get the REAL DEAL directly!

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Cumuul Nail Clipper

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