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How This $35 Japanese Invention Saves Me Money On Laundry Detergent

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Helen Fisher

24th July 2024

My clothes actually feel, smell, look, and are cleaner than when I used detergent

A month ago, my son cut his finger on a mandarin slicer.

I had scraps of towel lying around which I used to tie up his finger to stop the bleeding. As you can guess, the towel scraps got blood and iodine on them. You can see them here in the picture here.

Even though these towels were gross, I did not use any kind of laundry detergent to wash them. No liquid detergent. No powder. No pods. No homemade stuff either. And still the towels came out perfectly clean.

“The blood and iodine stains are completely gone…”

The blood and iodine stains are completely gone. It just boggles my mind how well this works. Let me explain.

Husband’s disgusting gear

My husband works in construction. All of his clothes are disgusting. I’ve tried every detergent brand in the store and also a few homemade detergent recipes. But it would always take a double dose of even the harshest detergent to make his work clothes smell decent.

And yet these days, I don’t even have to pretreat anything he wears. I just toss it all in the washer and the results are fantastic. His clothes come out cleaner than ever. And, best of all: they smell of absolutely nothing. Detergents always left a heavy, cloying scent to mask the fact that certain things still contained lingering body odors. My current system leaves no scent of its own and there is no trace of body odor. And just in case you’re wondering…

Not piping hot water!

Many of our towels get a moldy smell. Maybe it’s from years of use. Or maybe it’s just my kids throwing them on the floor. Well, when I wash them now, they have zero smell. No mold. No mustiness. No mildew. There’s no way that hot water alone could do this.

It handles our dirty, sometimes
mildewy towels without trouble

And it’s not leftover detergent, either. I’ve used this to wash things that have never been exposed to detergents, like my tennis shoes. They came out completely clean, in spite of dirt stains and even grass stains. It honestly boggles my mind. So let me tell you how I get such great results.

A gift from Japan

Like I said, I don’t ever use detergent any more. And I certainly wouldn’t be able to wash all the filthy stuff that piles up around our house with water alone. So how do I do it?

I use a bizarre little product called EcoBall. I guess the name is because it was developed in Japan. My friend Jess my has family over there and she went to visit around New Year’s. She saw a demonstration of the EcoBall in a department store and decided to bring one back for me as a lark. But at first, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with it.

First shaky impressions

The EcoBall uses a new kind of technology that cleans clothes just by using little ceramic pellets inside. Honestly, I don’t understand how it works just like I don’t understand how a microwave works. All I know is that it’s 100% natural (no chemicals or fragrances).

You simply add it in with your dirty clothes instead of detergent

Natural is nice, but I had doubts that my clothes could get clean without detergent. So I tried it first with some old t-shirts that weren’t very dirty. Success. Then dirtier things. Success. Then more delicate things. You get the picture. The results spoke for themselves. I was hooked. And here’s the absolute best part.

Buy once, use a thousand times

You simply add the EcoBall to your washing machine along with your dirty clothes. It works at any temperature. And it doesn’t require anything else — no detergent, bleach, or stain remover. Once the wash is over, and your clothes come out nice and clean, you get to reuse the EcoBall.

“It could save me hundreds of dollars in detergent…”

The company claims a single EcoBall is good for up to 1000 washes. I guess I’ve used it about 200 times so far (I’ve had it since the start of the year), and it still works perfectly.

With each wash, it keeps saving me money. I estimate that by the end of this year, it will save me $100-$150. And at this rate, it should be good for another 3 or 4 years! (I’m not sure it will hold up to 1000 washes, but I am hopeful.) That would mean a single EcoBall saves me something like $400 in detergent which is awesome. But it’s not the only reason I love this thing so much.

Zero smell or allergy

My daughter has sensitive skin. Allergens can set off weeks of itching, pain and inflammation around her eyelids. So we had to try out dozens of different detergents when washing her bedding and clothes. And her eyelids would still swell up and get red. Well, not since we started washing everything with the EcoBall.

“Zero detergent smell, no fake fragrances, and clothes are clean…”

Also, my husband used to always complain about the smell of detergent in his clothes. Too bad — I needed a double dose of detergent just to get the funk out of his stuff. But it’s not an issue any more. With EcoBall, his clothes have zero detergent smell, no fake fragrances, and most important, no body odor.

Laundry Detergent

Even gets the washing machine clean

My washing machine used to get a funky, rotting detergent smell. It’s a front loader and the rubber around the door would get mildew. Not only did the machine smell, but it would sometimes transfer to the clothes as well.

“It was a constant battle and the mildew often won…”

I used to put vinegar in the wash to try to combat the mildew. It worked, but it was a constant battle and the mildew often won. Not so after I started using
EcoBall. Not only are the clothes clean and without any kind of smell, but the washing machine is odor-free just like the day we got it. Which brings me to my final point.

Over 120,000 Sold: EcoBall Official Review

I love the EcoBall. My clothes actually feel, smell, look, and are cleaner than when I used detergent. I’ll still use detergent for some things like pet bedding, mop heads, and such, but this is the only way I’ll be doing my regular laundry from now on.

Not only am I avoiding all the irritating, perfumed chemicals that are in detergents, but I’m saving a ton of money. We’re a household of 5 and it really adds up. I’ve been recommending this to all my friends and family. Everybody who’s gotten one is just as impressed as I’ve been.

50% off for the moment

You can’t get EcoBall in department stores yet but the company that makes it sells it online. And I just found out they are running a 40% off sale right now. I don’t think I will need a new one for at least a few more years. But I’m considering getting one just in case because it’s so cheap at the moment. And the sale probably won’t be on when I do need to get it. So if you’re curious to try out EcoBall for yourself (definitely worth it in my opinion), it might be smart to do it now while they the 50% sale is still going on.

How To Keep Save Money And Keep Your Clothes Fresh Now

Now that you’ve been informed of this revolutionary home product, let me show you how easy it is to use it. All you need to do is follow these 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Order your EcoBall today to take advantage of the 50% off discount.
  • Step 2: After receiving the product, take it out of the package throw it into your washer machine with your next load of laundry.
  • Step 3: Watch your clothes stay vibrant and soft while you save money on detergent!

Here’s a tip: Know anyone who needs to this product? This device makes for the perfect gift and will save whoever receives them a lot of money, time and frustration.

Hi, I’m Helen Fisher. You’ll often find me baking for my family and neighbors or organizing food drives for homeless shelters. I write about home and kitchen tips and also work as a kindergarten teacher.

– Helen Fisher


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