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I Gave Up Hope Of Ever Relieving My Foot Pain... Until I Discovered These Two Hidden Secrets

A Powerful New Product Combined Old and New Technology so I Can Walk, Run... even Stay on My Feet All Day

I want to tell you about how I was saved from terrible, constant, aching foot pain.

I almost fell into a depression. I’m normally a happy person but my terrible, crippling foot pain was destroying my life.

20 years ago, I was always active! I loved hiking, walking, and going on trips.
I could travel to a new country and explore explore all day long.

I’m only 50 years old, but my foot pain has been agony for the last couple of years. It started in my arches… I would have very bad pain after a few hours, and I would have to massage my feet to get rid of the aching pain.

Then, my foot pain quickly progressed. My heels hurt. I had very sensitive ankle pain that felt like I twisted my leg.

And the pains continued. My legs, my back, even my neck. Sometimes, even after a short walk, I would get a terrible headache that forced me to lay down in the dark for hours and hours until I felt better.

I went to get a complete doctor checkup. My doctor told me at first he thought my symptoms were from diabetic neuropathy. But a test of my blood sugar showed me a little high, but nothing to worry about. I definitely didn’t have diabetes.

I took X-rays, bloodwork, everything, but the doctor couldn’t really find anything wrong.

“Valerian”, my doctor told me, “Sometimes these things just happen because we are getting older. It happens to everyone. Some people stay relatively pain-free for many years. Other people start to develop aches and pains early, like you.”

I Did Not Want to Accept Having a Life of Foot Pain!

Since my doctor didn’t seem to offer any sensible remedies, I decided I had to turn to my own devices to find the antidote to my foot pain.

I started off by doing a ton of internet research. There were many solutions, from taking dangerous medication, to getting acupressure massage.

Some people advocated Chinese acupuncture, which actually involved sticking needles into my skin. I wasn’t sure about that.

There were compression socks and all sorts of weird exercise regimens.
I’m a very careful person and I’m not one to start a quack diet or anything dangerous.

After Researching Online Reviews, I Found Something That Really Worked!

I logged on to all these medical forums and pain discussions.

Like I said before, A LOT of people recommended acupressure massage.

But what I learned was that acupressure massage worked OK in the short run, but it quickly became expensive and time consuming. People would have to book hours of massage therapy appointments that were not only very expensive but painful and long.

I decided I didn’t have the time or money for that!

Then there were all these devices, like weird shoes, or electronic gadgets. The reviews for these products were very mixed. Sometimes these things worked and sometimes they didn’t.

It seemed very hit or miss. I doubted that some worked at all. Maybe people were fooling themselves with mental suggestion.

The ONE thing that EVERYONE seemed to agree on were therapeutic insoles that people wore in their shoes.

These insoles had thousands of positive reviews, but then again, there was a problem. There were SO many brands and types of insoles that it was almost impossible to make a choice.

I found that some worked for a short time. Others were not very effective. Certain types were very uncomfortable and actually made foot pain worse.

I Finally Found The Holy Grail of Shoe Insoles!

I logged onto the internet every day for weeks. I was really good at doing research because that’s one of the things I studied at college.

Gradually, it dawned on me that one very special shoe insole was getting rave reviews most of the time.

Time after time, people told the story about how this shoe insole reduced or eliminated their foot pain.

It astounded me! I asked one person on a forum how long it took this insole to work, and he told he had almost no foot pain within HOURS!

That’s how great it was. HUNDREDS of other people told the same story.

This one special brand of shoe insert combined the long standing tradition of ancient medicines with scientifically proven innovative technologies.

That's How I Discovered MindInsole - The Only Foot Insert That Finally Relieved My Foot Pain

I ordered MindInsole and tried it for myself!

Here’s where I ordered from the official website

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. After three days of wearing MINDINSOLE MY FOOT PAIN WAS GONE!!

My doctor had been wrong. Foot pain CAN be eliminated. It was hard to believe, but most of the amazing claims I read online about MINDINSOLE were absolutely true!!

MINDINSOLE is designed to ease your pain and get you up on your feet again. It specifically helps with arch pain, heel pain, and swollen feet.

After vast research on massaging insoles, magnetic acupoints and Asian therapy for four years, the creators of MINDINSOLE revealed this amazing product to the world in June of 2017 to instant worldwide success!

How Does it Work?

How is it that a “simple” insole can completely relieve tension and eliminate foot pain

Simple. MINDINSOLE is a scientifically designed insole that uses more than 400 massage points on each foot to promote blood flow and relieve muscle tension. Though no one outside the company knows the secret to this brand-new technology, we do know that it’s basically like giving your feet a continuous massage, even while you’re walking, running, standing, or sitting.

MINDINSOLE also has 12 large acupoints to support your foot’s arch and the body’s core. 120 medium acupoints to stimulate reflexes. 270 small acupoints that promote nutrient-rich blood flow. 5 magnets strategically- placed to relieve pain across key reflex points.

Millions of people, especially those with foot pain and senior citizens, have been reaping the therapeutic benefits of MINDINSOLE. Due to its astonishing qualities and ease of use, it’s become a premiere product for foot pain relief.

Doctor Wong is a leading orthopedic expert on traditional Chinese therapy.

Fine-tuned and Approved by Doctor Yan Sang Wong

Doctor Wong asserts that MINDINSOLE:

  • Improves circulation
  • Stimulates FengShu acupoint and helps to relieve headache, backache and spinal problems that can lead to chronic pain.
  • Precise magnet placement helps blood circulation
    and oxygenation.

Who is benefiting from MindInsole?

People across the country, from all walks of life, are loving MINDINSOLE. Whether you’re a senior citizen or active and on your feet all day, or just want to have some extra comfort in your daily routine, MindInsole is universally embraced by millions of people!

  • Seniors
  • Sufferers of foot pain
  • Those with plantar fasciitis
  • Those with heel pain
  • People with varicose veins
  • Those who need better circulation
  • Those with swollen feet
  • Servers
  • Joggers
  • Teachers
  • Doctors
  • Dog walkers
  • Laborers
  • Hikers…And Anybody Else!

My Personal 30-Day Timeline of Healing my Foot Pain:

I’m always thorough, so during my journey to healing, I kept a journal detailing what I was experiencing.

DAY 1: Just tried them on and really like the feel! Even though you can feel the tingling sensation beneath your feet, it’s not uncomfortable at all! In fact, I think its the opposite! They’re really comfortable. I like it! I WENT OUT AND TOOK A WALK, AND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS MY FEET DID NOT ACHE!!

DAY 2: I made it up and over “The Hill” (it’s in my neighborhood) THREE TIMES before I felt any foot pain today! Normally, I’m aching on the first climb! Woohoo!

End of Week 1: My feet feel amazing! I’ve started wearing a pair of insoles with every pair of shoes, and I think it’s really benefiting me! I haven’t felt much pain AT ALL the last two days! It’s especially nice to wake up in the morning without agonizing pain in your feet.

One Month: Well, the pain’s completely gone! I almost forgot what it’s like to have foot pain (Almost!). And, there have been some unexpected side effects (good ones). My posture’s noticeably improved, to the point where my kids even noticed. I have WAY more energy now (I climbed “The Hill” SIX TIMES yesterday!). These things have seriously changed my life!

Today, I am pleased to say that I am now able to run again without pain. My feet were normally knotted and sore after a long-distance run; to the point where I have to stretch and massage them for hours to treat the pain. I have just completed a 10-mile run wearing MINDINSOLE, and my feet felt like they’d been nuzzled by pillows instead of treading on pavement for over an hour—zero foot pain.

MINDINSOLE continues to serve me well and keep my feet happy, so I gifted my dad a pair (he’s arthritic and poorly from the early stages on Parkinson’s). He’s often incapacitated from leg pain. When he does move, he dodders and plods. It’s a struggle.

With the help of MINDINSOLE (and maybe a dash of magic)—believe it or not—he was dancing like a studly 20-something at my wedding! It was like time travel—it was an emotional sight that inspired him and our family. He’s been more mobile and joyful since.

Suffice to say, MINDINSOLE comes with my highest approval. This product has been more than a “game changer” for many people. It’s been a life changer.


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