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90% Of Flats and Detached Homes In The UK Have THIS Infuriating Problem

Finally, the time to relax is here. I had a chock-a-block of a week, but now it was the weekend! I relax into my couch with a blanket and my laptop to watch my favourite series on BritBox. 

Just as I began to watch, the screen froze with a message. I am sure you know this awful message… “Buffering, please wait.” It is the worst!

It’s the first time I get to relax, and this is what I have to deal with? Waiting, waiting, waiting. Five minutes later it came back on. 

“Great! The series is loaded” I thought. Wrong! It froze again. A few minutes later it was back on, but I was on my final straw.

Sure enough, it froze again. I hopped on the phone with my broadband company only to be blown off. They told me they were having some connection issues in the area. 

Oh bugger! This is the fourth time this month. I doubted the internet company could be telling the truth.

Then I found this little known fact…

My broadband provider was lying! They wanted me to pay more so I could have “perfect connection.” In reality, they had no clue what was wrong with my internet.

It could be hundreds of things!

I asked some friends who really didn’t know. They struggled with the same problem in their flats.  

I did months of digging to find no solution, but then…

I figured out the problem!

The walls of my flat were blocking out the connection. They were too thick for the router to connect even though it was in a room over.

I had no place to put the router except in the closet so that wasn’t an option.  

Luckily, I had a friend who was a computer technician. He came over to look into the problem. 

He told about me about this new invention called a WiFi booster. 

It basically took the internet connection in and made it stronger. All I had to do was plug it in to the wall!  

I even did this test:

  1. I closed the door to the closet with my router and walked to the other side of my flat. This left two thick layers of concrete between my router and my phone. I had no connection!
  2. I plugged in this new device to an outlet next to me.
  3. In a few seconds I was able to browse the internet faster than EVER! I couldn’t believe it actually worked…

What is it called?

The device I bought said it only had a few left in stock, but if there are some available it’s called the SuperBoost WiFi. I would highly reccomend this company as they got it shipped to me quickly. 

I then decided to order several SUPERBOOST WI-FI units, and plug one into every room that had signal problems. I also found It is the perfect gift, as most people struggle with a poor internet connection!

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