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I Discovered This New Product Called WrapSlice That Makes Gift Wrapping An Absolute Breeze!

As the mother of three children (and with my third grandchild on the way), I’ve done more than my share of gift wrapping. Between wrapping Christmas presents, Father’s Day gifts, graduation gifts, birthday presents, and anniversary gifts for my husband, I’ve wrapped a lot of presents in my time.

Most people don’t enjoy wrapping gifts. I mean, it is a hassle having to try to cut those large, unruly rolls of wrapping paper. I hated having to do it – probably because I mess up more than I’d care to admit.

I mean, it’s just so easy to make a bad cut… and if you’re wrapping more than a single gift, forget about it… you’re almost guaranteed to make a bad cut or two!

There’s a reason most major department stores offer a gift wrapping service. For a lot of people, wrapping gifts can be a total drag.

I used to think gift wrapping was a bit of a drag, too. But that was before I discovered a super-easy-to-use product that can make your gifts look like they were wrapped by a pro… all while giving a SUPER BOOST to your gift-wrapping speed!

I Messed Up Gift Wrapping So Many Times!

It’s easy to mess things up when you’re trying to wrap a present. And if you’re like me, by far the hardest part about gift-wrapping is having to cut the wrapping paper.

I tried the fold-and-tear method, but I could never get a clean tear! I’d always end up with jagged lines and rips so bad I’d have to throw away the paper and start over!

I tried using scissors, but no matter what, I’d pretty much always make a messed-up cut – full of ugly, jagged cuts, or ending up with a paper that was misshapen or veering off at the wrong angle.

I tried razor blades and boxcutters, too. But those require a hard surface to cut on. It was just as easy to mess up as when using scissors, and to make matters worse, they’re really dangerous, too! One slip and you could take a finger off!

A lopped-off finger is NO way to celebrate a holiday! To be completely honest with you, I did not feel comfortable with razor blades sitting around – especially when the grandkids were visiting!

So I kept on cutting paper with the old, not-very-good, scissor method. And believe me, I ruined a lot of expensive wrapping paper.

My Girlfriend Revealed the Secret to Perfectly-Wrapped Gifts!

It was just a month ago when I was hanging out with one of my scrapbooking girlfriends, Kaitlin. The scrapbooks she made always looked so beautiful, like they were something you would buy at some fancy boutique.

Kaitlin was really excited to tell me about this new product she’d discovered called the WrapSliceIt’s this easy to use, lightweight precision paper cutter. She said she used it on her scrapbooks, and for gift wrapping, too.

“How does it work?”, I asked her.

“Oh, it’s so easy!”, Kaitlin replied. “You just slide the WrapSlice around a roll of wrapping paper. When you roll out the amount of paper you need, you just slide the WrapSlice from one end of the roll to the other, cutting the paper perfectly!

“You get clean, beautiful cuts every time – it works like magic!”

Kaitlin showed me how the WrapSlice didn’t have any exposed blades you can cut yourself on. The blade is actually contained inside of the WrapSlice, safely away from your fingertips!

My son’s birthday was coming up, so I asked Kaitlin if I could borrow her WrapSlice so I could try using it to wrap my son’s birthday present.

“I’ll lend it to you”, Kaitlin said, laughing. “But you won’t want to give it back!”

WrapSlice Gives You Perfect Results, EVERY time!

A few days later, I went to wrap my son’s birthday present. I actually picked up my scissors for a second, then I remembered that I had the WrapSlice in my scrapbooking bag!

I took the roll of wrapping paper and slid it inside of the WrapSlice. Then I measured out a section of paper, took a deep breath, and made my first cut…

“As soon as I tried the WrapSlice I immediately understood why Kaitlin was so crazy about it!”

All you do is gently slide the WrapSlice along your roll of wrapping paper and you get a perfect, clean cut – on the first try, every time!

I was SO amazed at how well the WrapSlice worked that I actually had one of those “now why didn’t anyone think of this before?” moments. The WrapSlice is so simple, but it works so well!

No more messing up the paper by tearing it badly. No jagged edges from making multiple chops from a pair of scissors. Just a perfect cut, exactly where you want it, every time!

My son’s gift wrapping came out perfectly. And the WrapSlice helped me get the wrapping done in record-breaking time, too!

Make Gift Wrapping Fun and Easy with WrapSlice!

To sum it all up, I LOVED the WrapSlice! Of course, I ordered one for myself as fast as I could.

The WrapSlice is so easy to use, I’m actually looking forward to all the gift wrapping in the upcoming holiday season!

I even bought one for my mother… she loves to wrap gifts, but her arthritis made it impossible for her to use scissors… but with the WrapSlice, she’s able to wrap presents again without any pain at all! It really is that easy to use!

The WrapSlice works great with any standard-weight paper. I use it for all of the arts and crafts projects I do with my grandkids. I love the fact that it’s so safe to use, even little kids can use it!

If you have to wrap gifts…
If you enjoy scrapbooking as much as I do…
If you do arts and crafts with your kids or grandkids…

You’ll positively LOVE the WrapSlice! It works amazingly well, makes wrapping gifts a joy, and can save you hours of time when it comes to wrapping gifts!


If you have to wrap a bunch of presents, the WrapSlice is the best holiday investment you’ll ever make! 

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